Why Can’t I Watch Videos on My iPhone

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iPhone General Network reset

Why can’t I watch videos on my iPhone got you bugged? So before we start, you should know a video will utilize a great deal of your iPhone CPU. It utilizes a greater amount of your CPU than messages and stuff. To play any video whatsoever requires your iPhone to be in good shape, and have a decent web connection.

So we’re going to attempt to structure this, so we start with the most straightforward fixes. First and afterward become progressively more into your settings as we go. Let’s investigate this!

Safari Won't Play Videos iPhone

Apple app switcher

Close Applications

So in case you’re utilizing Safari to play YouTube recordings, we will suggest attempt the YouTube application. In case you’re utilizing the YouTube application use Safari.

An easy step if you’re having an issue like this is to close off all the apps on your iPhone.

How would we do that?

So we’re going to open the application switcher on iPhone. Swipe up the base to the focal point of the screen. On past iPhones, you simply double-tap the Home button to open the application switcher.

This is a settle programming issues, that could be causing your YouTube video not to play effectively. Provided that there is some bit of programming that is not working accurately.

Update Applications

Alright, the following stage is going to investigate the YouTube application itself. We should simply verify whether a software update is accessible.

In the App Store check for latest updates by refreshing tabs, on the off chance that you don’t perceive any updates. Try dragging down all your apps it will invoke a check whether there are any updates for the latest version.

Good Internet

iPhone Internet setting

The next thing we’re going to discuss is cell information association or Wi-Fi. In case you’re on a home Wi-Fi, perhaps take a stab at simply attempting using cellular data.

If Safari doesn’t work attempt the YouTube application if Wi-Fi doesn’t work attempt cellular data. In case your Wi-Fi or Cellular data is not working attempt using a different Wi-Fi.

So we simply need to ensure your iPhone has a strong web association.

Reinstall Applications

We had enough of the YouTube application give us issues and time for a fresh reinstall of the application. 

First, we will need to Uninstall the App.

1. Press and hold the app until it starts to shake 

2. Press on the X that appears above Youtube, etc

After Uninstalling Youtube Go to the apps store and reinstall it.

General Network Reset

you may believe it’s an equipment issue. It is anything but an equipment issue. It’s a software issue, however, it’s a profoundly established programming issue.

The primary kind of Magic Bullet is the Reset All Network Settings, which you can find in the Settings application.

Go to Settings, then General, click on Reset, and finally Reset Network settings.

iPhone Network reset

If it don’t work, I will highly recommend restoring your iPhone. As this could be an issue with the firmware on your iPhone.

The last rare reason why YouTube might not be working on your iPhone is that YouTube servers have crashed. It can crash in certain areas. Google Search YouTube server status and click the first link. It’ll tell you what’s going on.

Why Can't I Watch Videos On My iPhone Without WiFi

iOS 13 Cellular data apps

Make sure that cellular data is turn on in your setting for the app you want to use. Settings > Cellular And scroll down to the apps.

Why Can't I watch videos Sideways on my iphone

iPhone rotation lock settings

Rotation Lock will stop your iPhone from rotating. Turn this feature off by swiping down on your screen. This will take you to your quick settings. Simply tap on the rotation lock icon and then you can use your iPhone sideways.

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