AFK Arena Redemption Codes

Best Redemption Codes Within AFK Arena

AFK Arena Redemption codes are a great way to get ahead of the curve when playing this relaxing Turn-based RPG. In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to achieve free Rare hero, Elite hero, Elite hero Soulstones, and Diamonds.

AFK Arena might take a while for you to get to mid-game and even longer for Late game, but with these Codes should speed up the process just a bit. Before you jump into the codes, be sure to check the month update as their might be a slight delay for the codes to be updated. As this website is just me, but I’ll be sure to update every month. 

Redemption Codes AFK Arena 2020

October Updated


Reward: 100 Diamonds , 100K Gold


Reward: 100 Diamonds , 100K Gold


Reward: 100 Diamonds , 100K Gold


Reward: 300 Diamonds, 30 Elite Hero Shards


Reward: 100 Diamonds , 100K Gold


Reward: 300 Diamonds, 20 Elite Hero Soustones


Reward: 100 Diamonds, 100k Gold


Reward: 500 Diamonds, 500 Essence and 100k Gold


Reward: 500 Diamonds and 500k Gold


Reward: 100 Diamonds and 100k Gold


Reward: 60 Rare Hero Soul Stones


Reward: 1000 Diamonds, 1500k Gold, 3 Common Hero Scrolls


Reward: 1000 Diamonds, 1500k Gold, 3 Common Hero Scrolls


Reward: 30 Common Hero Scrolls


Reward: 300 Diamonds


Reward: 500 Diamonds, 5 Common Hero Scrolls, 60 Rare Hero Soul Stones

How To Redeem Redemption Codes AFK Arena

Afk Arena Setting button

To Redeem Your Redemption codes, you need to enter your Profile on the top left hand corner and click on setting.

Redemption Code Button Afk Arena

As soon as you click Setting, Under Services, you should see the Redemption Code button as an option. Click On it, and The window to insert codes should pop out.

Expired Codes


Unfortunately, codes do expire. It always a good idea to come back to this guide and check out all of the new codes that will be listed for next month. This guide will stay updated for every code each month. 

Code Reward
 57kh69fhzr 1,500 Diamonds, 60 Elite Hero Soulstones
liuyan888  100,000 Gold & 888 Diamonds
4rytg4u2q6 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Shards
liuyan233 50,000 Gold & 3 Common Hero Scrolls
liuyan118 50,000 Gold & 3 Faction Scrolls

300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Hero Soulstones

3baee6v3v7 3,000 Diamonds
3aghu4egje 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Hero Soulstones

300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Hero Soulstones

2gq55jii87 20 Elite Hero Soulstones & 300 Diamonds
2nzzy8y67v 1,000 Diamonds
misevj66yi 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, & 5 Common Hero Scrolls
26dnuiw8s4 1,000 Diamonds & 10 Faction Scrolls
228j636fs9 1,000 Diamonds
25pg5gnpcf 1,000 Diamonds
vxvtzgtz6f 1,000 Diamonds
vm894xsucf 1,000 Diamonds
vdgf3ak6fc 1,000 Diamonds
mrpumpkin2 300 Diamonds & 5 Common Hero Scrolls
uffqqmgtxd 1,000 Diamonds
tt9wazfsbp 1,000 Diamonds
ufxsqraif5 1,000 Diamonds
u9rfs27rd9 1,000 Diamonds
te9gig7y58 1,000 Diamonds
u3gpi6heu6 1,000 Diamonds
tvb5zkyt47 1,000 Diamonds
happybday0409 500 Diamonds, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, & 5 Chest of Wishes
s7yps9phsj 20 Elite Hero Shards & 200 Diamonds

10 Elite Hero Shards & 100 Diamonds

rvgv3b8g4i 60 Rare Hero Shards
yuanxiao 60 Elite Hero Shards & 300 Diamonds

188 Diamonds & 10 Faction Scrolls

66dashun 188 Diamonds & Hero Essence
5fulinmen 188 Diamonds & Hero Essence
4jipingan 188 Diamonds & Gold
3yangkaitai 2020 Diamonds & Hero Essence
2longtengfei 188 Diamonds & Hero Experience

188 Diamonds & Gold


Elite Hero Shards & Diamonds


1 Epic Hero


30 Elite Hero Shards & Gold


60 Rare Hero Shards


60 Elite Hero Shards


60 Elite Hero Shards


60 Elite Hero Shards

Bonus Tip

Always save you diamonds till you can buy the ten summon as it better to have a massive army to change different types of the composition teams. Plus, I feel that ten summons have a better RNG to gain purple units.

Follow the red notification as most of them contain diamond rewards. Open character story as each new story you open will have 100 diamond rewards.

Reset your common heroes after getting a better unit as you will need all the resources you get in the early game to progress the campaign.

Labyrinth runs always try to get relics that will cause cc in begging then go for stat-based relics that will give HP, Defense, and Attack buffs. You will need the states to get to the end.

Go on the global chat and add friends, You will gain companion points from each friend that can be used to get Heroes, and can use three of you friends heroes to complete the Library set buffs. Library buffs will help a lot in completing the campaign.

Always try to check for events, Events will help a lot in story progression. Events rewards will most likely be Diamonds, heroes, and more.

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