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iTunes Error 9006

What is iTunes Error 9006

When attempting to reestablish your iPhone utilizing iTunes, you may run over a mistake. One of the blunders that you may experience is the iTunes error 9006. Implies iTunes can’t interface with the Apple servers because of at least one reason. Recorded underneath are the prescribed investigating steps that you have to accomplish for this specific issue.

iTunes Error 9006 Fix

Reboot your iPhone and PC

There are occurrences when the issue can be fixed by invigorating the product of your iPhone and PC. Invigorate the two frameworks by doing a reboot.

Use A Different USB Port Or Cable

Use a different USB port or cable might fix the issue as this can be that iPhone is not getting a stable link to your PC.

Check your Internet Connection

If your Internet is not working, at that point, this error message will typically spring up. To ensure this isn’t causing you difficulty, you should ensure that your PC can get on the web.

Ensure The Time and Date is Correct

Time and date will auto-sync most of the time, but in some cases, it will not. Not having your time and date settings will result in many services and websites not to function correctly.

Update iTunes

Make sure that iTunes is on the latest update. iTunes will not work efficiently with the apple serves if they noticed an older version.

Disable PC security programming

The security programming could be meddling with your PC’s association with iTunes. Attempt to briefly disable the security programming or uninstall it from the PC.

Manually Fix iTunes Error 9006

Reset TCP/IP

This will solve any Internet connection issue.

Use CMD (Command Prompt), to run the commands in the following order:


  • Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.
  • Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter.
  • Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
  • Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.

Mac OSX or macOS:

  • Click the Apple icon on the top right corner, and select System Preferences
  • Choose Network
  • Choose your Internet, then click advance
  • Select the TCP/IP, and then choose to Renew DHCP Lease
  • Then click, OK.

Delete and Update IPSW File

This will be a more advanced Fix for the solution for Error 9006. That will require you to get deep into iTunes files and tweak them. This will be set between two parts removing the IPSW file and then re-downloading a new ISPW file

  • Manually Delete the ISPW file from iTunes, find where the file is located

If you’re still unable to resolve Error 9006 it maybe your network restricted you from assessing apple server IP. It’s also possible that your host file is blocking Apple IP. Try to use a different PC or a different Wi-Fi to see if the issue still lies. 

Was Your issue Solved? Do you have another solution for Error 9006? Let us know in the comments. 

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