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Power Up With 7 Games Like AFK Arena

AFK Arena is probably already one of the best idle game out there. With their classic system of your heroes constant at work even when you are away. Hence the magic keyword AFK “Away From Keyboard” will continue to farm Coins, Scrolls, Diamonds, etc. Once you return to the game, you can claim all of your rewards that your heroes have gathered, which is one of the game’s best features, working while you are away.


AFK Arena such an interesting game as they’re too many mechanics to this game, from its strategy to its massive community, but there aren’t the only ones to accomplish these feats. AFK Arena has set the way for many other mobile app games with the same elements of an idle auto-battle. Each game that has you collect heroes will be set to work while your away or AFK.

It can be quite difficult to find a good Idle game, but we have done the research for you and have a couple of good suggestions for you to enjoy and level up!

Summoners War

Summoners War is Probably one of my favorite mobile games to play right now, but it isn’t considered an Idle. The story summoners war is well crafted while the story is a lot shorter than AFK Arena, it’s a lot harder to complete. Heroes or monsters are gain through grinding levels and farming scrolls. You can replay levels that you previous beat, face other players in PvP, join a guild, and do guild events. Build your team of all the factions Fire, Water, Wind, Dark, and Light. Summoners War and AFK Arena have many similar aspects. If you enjoy one, you should try the other.

TitleSummoners War
File Size153.4 MB
DownloadPlay Store, App Store

I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight


I Am Hero starts with four heroes with different skills and abilities. You start off with four different heroes (Durin, Balerion, Kha, and Ruvina); eventually, you will gain seven heroes that you can use simultaneously. Earn gold and exp when you beat levels and level up with the earn gold and exp, Increase your attack power, defense, and Hp. The Races in this game are Elf, Demon, Human, Naga, Undead, and God and the classes are Assassin, Knight, Mech, Warlock, Ranger, Mage, and the classic Warrior. They are over 50 heroes to obtain by beating levels. They can also be summoned using gems. Gems can be bought in the store or gain by beating levels. Heroes can also be collected by your AFK rewards from being away from the game and earning while you are away.

TitleI Am Hero
File Size97.52 MB
DownloadPlay Store, App Store

Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend


Brave Dungeon: Immortal Legend is an FTP Online RPG that almost similar to I am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight Except for the difference in the graphic, which they have their own charm with the style of cartoon drawing. They are over 200 heroes to unlock to take on powerful teams and bosses, unique monsters, or face player in PvP. The Races of this game are Undead, Terran, Orc, Elf, Daimon, Zelos, and the classes in this game are Priest, Warrior, Mage, and Ranger. Each Hero has their own rank that differentiates them from the other heroes that can be unlocked to rank 1 Star to 5 stars.

TitleBrave Dungeon
File Size43 MB
DownloadPlay Store, App Store

Idle Heroes


Idle Heroes is a fun RPG action game with its own unique RPG elements. In this game, you will fight evil forces on a floating mountain, form strategy, and explore Idle heroes’ grand adventure. There are over 200 heroes to collect from different factions with their own unique skills. Train them to become stronger and acquire new skills. The overall graphics are outstanding, and the environment is very detailed. The idle system is also in play to set your heroes to Train while you are away. When you return to idle heroes, they will be stronger.

TitleIdle Heroes
File Size
405.8 MB
DownloadPlay Store, App Store

Auto Heroes


Auto Heroes is a fun RPG that is very similar to AFK Arena. The land of Auto is attacked by demons; the first awakening is the task to become heroes to save the world of Auto. Summon 6 heroes from different factions, grow stronger by collecting gear. Auto heroes require you to stander each stage and combine different formation and position with different factions to beat each level. There are over 60 heroes to unlock from the 6 factions. Collect them all to save the land of Auto. Each sedition you made leads to an unknown situation that can lead to traps, battles, or some gear left behind. Only those blessed by the gods shall save the land of Auto.

TitleAuto Heroes
File Size416 MB
DownloadPlay Store

Idle War: Legendary Heroes


Idle War: Legendary Heroes is a great RPG Gacha game with so great-looking 3D images. Your main goal is to get the best pulls from Idle War but require some luck since that the essence of the Gacha game. This game pretty hard to get into if you are going the f2p route but not impossible since the game provides much free loot if play constantly.

TitleIdle War
PublisherIDLE GAME
File Size638 MB
DownloadPlay Store, App Store

Ode to Heroes


Ode to Heroes is a great idle game to get into as it smote itself as one of the best Idle games you can play now. You play as the Destiny Minister and is on a quest to repair the timeline, which is distorted. Gather different heroes from the Edo Period and repair the timeline. This game is amazing, especially if your a history buff. Build your team of heroes from all the different factions Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Yin, and Yang. You can unlock different game modes, events, and challenges, no matter how deep you get into this game. Face other players in PvP or join a guild and complete guild challenges that await you.

TitleOde to Heroes
File Size143 MB
DownloadPlay Store, App Store

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