AFK Arena Secrets of The Forest​​

AFK Arena Secrets of The Forest Guide

AFK Arena Secrets of The Forest is the third chapter of the game is where most players will have difficulty, as it leaps over the difficulty levels of sections 1 and 2 peaks of time. It isn’t much you can do about it on less you get a bit lucky with your artifacts.

You might ignore the final chest and loot the other treasure chests on the map, which is what most players would do. Rather funny that Rest in peace and the Ancient Ruins are easier to complete. Once you beat an enemy, Thorn will grow and block your path. Your path needs to be precise if you want to make it on time before the thorn blocks the main chest ultimately.

How To Beat AFK Arena Secrets of The Forest

All you have to do is follow this simple guide. Every time you defeat an enemy, the vine will grow and block a path. If you don’t track a specific order, you can’t obtain the main chest.

Afk Arena Path Secrets of The Forest

Points 1 and 2 straight forward defeat an enemy and gain your artifact. But Once you get to point three, you’ll have to beat the enemy using three wilder heroes. If your missing one wilder in your team, you can use the mercenary camp to gain one wilder.

Part 2 Secrets of The Forest

If you don’t use any wilders, you will not complete the side mission. The forest respect is a hidden path and will not revile if ignored, which is needed to get to the main chest. You need to use only 3 wilders heroes on point 3. The rest doesn’t matter.

Part 3 Secrets of The Forest

After fighting point 4, it will be your last fight, and the hidden paths should reveal to you. Follow it to the main chest.

AFK Arena Secrets of The Forest Without Wilders

This is still the early phase of the game. You might not have three wilder heroes to use, or they’re not strong enough to complete the side mission. Use this path as a workaround.

Secrets of The Forest Without Wilders

point one thought three is simple, defeat the enemy camp and go to the next point.

Secrets of The Forest Without Wilders Part 2

Defeat enemy camps on points four and five, then the vines will stop growing. Just take any path to get the main chest.

Secrets of The Forest Rewards

Afk Arena Secrets of The Forest Reward
Dura's Eye Afk Arena

+ 5 Crit
+ 5 Physical Resist

Level 1: Increases attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds when a Critical Strike occurs.
Level 2: Attack speed is increased by 35% (Enhance to 2 stars to unlock)
Level 3: Increases Critical Strike damage by 50% (Enhance to 5 stars to unlock)

All Chests Locations

All Chest Afk Arena Secrets of The Forest

This is a whole map of the Secrets of The Forest. To get to the Upper left side of the map, you need to do the side mission the forest respected which is explained above.

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