AFK Arena Rest in Peace

AFK Arena Rest in Peace Guide

AFK Arena Rest in Peace, the main objective is to remove all three curses that is lay out on the map.. The path that I recommend is the best path for early game players. The order must be follow since the door will not be unlocked unless a proper order is followed.

The reason why the door will not unlock is because you didn’t acquire the blessing from removing the curses in the beginning. You do not need Lyca or Kaz. I repeat do not step on these curses without clearing them as this will lock the door and you will need to restart the instance.

AFK Arena RIP Curses 1

How To Beat AFK Arena Rest in Peace

Start by defeating the three enemy camps and stepping on the curses

AFK Arena Rip 2

After Defeating the enemy camps head right and pick the bottom camp, head towards the Headstone 

AFK Arena activating the first headstone in rest in peace

Once you reach the headstone it should remove one of the curses on the map 

AFK Arena headstone activation message

Continue Head toward the right side of the map to find the other two Headstones

AFK Arena activating the two headstones in rest in peace

All three cures should be removed now and you can make your way to fight the guardian of the door 

AFK Arena last boss fight befor entering the door for rest in peace

After defeating the guardian of the door, you should be able to continue as normal and collect all the loot

Last step to entrance of afk arena rest in peace

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