AFK Arena Ascension Guide

AFK Arena to progress further into the game you will have to level heroes to the next rarity. It’s important to know that hero essence is very important to stock up on and you should buy as many as you can early on.

This does not include common heroes as they can not ascend.

Ascended heroes achieve level 410 with the Resonating Crystal

What is Ascension?

Ascension is to evolve your heroes to the next rarity. Increasing rarity will enhance their stats and level cap. Not all heroes can reach the rank of “Ascend” and will cap at “Legendary +”, The max status is the ascended tier heroes.

To be more prepare for your next rare hero rank, you should always have a copy of the same hero. You should have an elite copy of your desire hero if you wish to gain higher tiers. Hoard many elite heroes till your inventory is full, the reason being as you don’t want your hero to be stuck, your transaction should be elite to legendary to Legendary plus instantly. That way you can be closer to mythic heroes stats.

How to Ascend my Heroes?

To start ascending heroes, you need to go to the Temple Of Ascension. 

Temple of ascension afk arena
Temple of Ascension in Ranhorn

Ascension General Faction

General Faction

Ascension Special Faction

Special Faction

AFK Arena Ascension Fodder

Each Hero is useful, but some are just not worth investment compare to others. Below will be a Tier list of legendary tier heroes from each faction, 1 being a better fodder than 3. I highly wouldn’t recommend you use any of the 3rd options as fodder unless you’re desperate.


  1. Angelo
  2. Morvus
  3. Hogan
Angelo AFK Arena Icon
Morvus AFK Arena Icon
Hogan Icon


  1. Ogi
  2. Ira
  3. Arden
Ogi Icon Afk Arena
Ira Icon Afk Arena
Arden Icon


  1. Ankhira
  2. Golus
  3. Saveas
Ankhira AFK Arena Icon
Golus Icon
Saveas Icon


  1. Niru
  2. Silvina
  3. Vedan
Niru Icon
Silvia Afk Arena Icon
Vedan Icon

Best Solo Carry

During the Early to Mid phase of the game, you should focus mostly on a hero that ascend to Legendary + as they are easy to reach max ascend level. 

AFK Arena Best DPS


Saveas Icon

Saveas is impressive for an Early to Mid game DPS, his damage, and attack speed is top tier. I’ll recommend to pair him in a composition where Brutus is tanking a front of him. Brutus is rather weak during the early phase of the game but becomes a monster once you reach Mid game. 


Shemira Icon

Shemira is one of the best carries in the game and fits with any composition. Her Toured Souls skill will deal a massive amount of AOE DPS to all enemies while also life leeching.

She is viable to level 181. The main reason I highly recommend her is that she obtained from the shop. Meaning there is no need to waste scrolls or diamonds for RNG to screw you over.

AFK Arena Best Support


Arden Icon

Arden has an excellent skill set for cc crowd control. That can paralyze three enemies at the same time for a couple of seconds. His primary use is to stall the enemy long enough for your main DPS or tank can use they’re ultimate.


Nemora Icon

Nemora is the best healer in the game. She also has a cc ability to control enemy units. The enemy she controls will attack their allies and use their skills, which is excellent for stalling for your primary DPS to shreds. 

AFK Arena Best Tanks


Hogan Icon

Hogan is a good tank. Don’t misjudge him cause you got him early he will be a reliable tank for you to use.


Lucius Icon

Lucius is a Great tank, and if you get him, you should invest in him because he is an excellent overall tank. He can cast shield and healing for his teammates. He might not have damage, but he makes up for it with his defensive capabilities.

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